CALL US: 800-MCA-2676

CALL US: 800-MCA-2676

About Us is the only MCA transfer company that will provide clients with the option to work with us on the smallest orders and the options to work with us on credit, pending reference and background check.

We know exactly what the ISO/Lender needs to convert, and we are very direct and realistic with them. We also stand behind our product which is why we can work on credit and work on very small orders.

While all live transfers are 100% verified, targeted and screened, it could take 20 to convert to a deal – or it could take 1.

Please see our script below. You will be emailed a copy of all the information gathered from the merchant on your transfer in real time.
Hello ___

I work for a merchant cash advance company in Florida. I was just curious if you would like to at least check rates and available funds for your company? Perhaps see what the options are? GREAT! Let me ask you a few questions before I bring our lender on the phone. He is on hold.

1. How much can be beneficial for your business at this moment?

2. What’s your bank deposit on average for the last few months? (if under $15,000 a month hang up)

3. What would be the purpose of this funding?

4. Have you ever filed any bankruptcy?

5. What’s your personal credit score is it over 500?

6. Lastly do you have any tax liens or judgments?

7. What’s your email address to send you an application form in writing?